India Sealing Off Villages Exposed to a COVID-19 Superspreader

A 70-year-old preacher in India died of coronavirus and he may have infected up to 40,000 villagers. The villager have been quarantined. Five other villages have been sealed off.

A week after his death, 19 of his relatives have tested positive. At least 550 people came into direct contact with the preacher over the last few days.

This could be similar to the super-spreading of coronavirus COVID-19 in South Korea by a religious sect. The South Korea situation caused 9000 people to become infected. However, South Korea has world-leading coronavirus testing and coronavirus mitigation. India is far more vulnerable.

One of the worst-case COVID-19 scenarios for the world would be to have community spread in India and a high infection rate for the slums.

Written By Brian Wang,