Multi-Year WW3 is Humanity Versus the Disease

Trump is invoking the Defense Production Act, which allows the administration to expedite and expand the supply of resources. This is enabling whatever wartime mobilization of production is needed to combat the disease. It may not be needed but the capabilities are being made available.

The US has made public an 18 month pandemic plan.

Future Scenario Based Upon Existing Situation

The current best case for the US first wave seems to be peaking of actual infections in April. The peak and flattening appearing in the May data with a strong decline in June. In July, there could be lifting of restrictions and opening of the economy in the summer until the next wave. This timeline was mentioned by former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb on MSBNC.

This could be a multi-year WW3 with humanity and the world versus the disease.

Innovation will have vaccines, new medications like anti-inflammatories to treat the disease and the worst symptoms. Hourly hand washing and new hygiene will also help the world have less disease transmission eventually in a post-crisis – managed coronavirus world.

We will all be virus-phobes and germaphobes in the new world.

Written By Brian Wang, Disclosure – Brian is working with a startup on coronavirus mitigation.