New Expansion of Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Should More Than Double Production

The piling and foundation work of the new phase of the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory is expected to be completed this month. It appears to be larger than the first phase of the Shanghai Gigafactory which had 150,000 cars per year of capacity. The outer wall will be capped in June, and trial production can basically begin in October. There was another smaller expansion of the factory that is just completing. By December, 2020, the Shanghai factory should have 350,000 to 450,000 cars per year of capacity.

SOURCE- youtuber Jason Yang
Written By Brian Wang,

27 thoughts on “New Expansion of Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Should More Than Double Production”

  1. BTW: Adam Smith capitalism revolved around the idea that competition was the driving force that made capitalism productive.

  2. Weird how one of the last communist nation will soon be the richest and most powerful country in the world. And they are doing it by beating us at our game: capitalism.

  3. I’m fairly sure it’s more about the Chinese domestic market size, and getting past Chinese import restrictions/tariffs to gain better access to that market.

    If they get to export some as well, that’s a bonus.

  4. Hopefully he is moving to Montana and or stocking up.

    Either way there is really no stopping what is coming.

  5. Not even Trump thinks that.

    Whenever China lifts their quarantine restrictions they will see new cases pick up. Too many people in China with the disease, too many people outside of China waiting to re-import it.

  6. You should have put a comma after the word “English”. Which itself is usually given a capital letter.

  7. Until the Corona Virus is brought under control everything will most likely slow down for a while.

  8. While pushing into phase two of the chinese gigafactory is good news, apparently there has been some local backlash from customers due to use of older (?Tesla) hardware in the vehicles being produced apparently.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong. The U.S. “Gigafactory” isn’t even near it’s proposed size (about 30% of what it proposed). So, doubling production is really just making more than your small plant in the U.S.

  10. Bold move on Tesla’s part…it’s like building in the early 90’s in the Soviet Union. Decades of an economic boom, and just a few years into it’s multi decade decline.

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