New York and USA Surging Coronavirus Hospitalizations

Yesterday, Nextbigfuture was projecting US and New York Coronavirus hospitalization growth as about 2430 but instead grew 4323.

New York had 3039 more hospitalizations on March 26. NY increased from 3805 to 6844. New York was very close to doubling hospitalizations in one day. UPDATE- Covidtracking was wrong on New York hospitalizations.

UPDATE- NY Gov. Cuomo’s Mar 27 brief indicates that New York is getting slowing COVID-19. It was three days to get from about 3000 to 7000 hospitalizations in New York.

New York has 20,000 hospital beds and plans to add 40,000 in the next few weeks.

New York needs more beds and needs the growth of cases to slow. New York could be 2-37-14 days from filling the 20,000 beds that they have. Medical staff from other places in the US will have to get to New York.

A lot of beds, staff and equipment will be needed next week.

Ten thousand beds at Manhattan hotels will be used to house non-critical patients and will also hold medical workers.

University dorms in the New York City metropolitan area could add 29,000 more hospital bed

California surged 800 cases from 3200 to 4000 cases.
The US grew about 10,000 cases from 75000 to 85000.

The US hospitalizations tracking via covidtracking. NOTE: This data had accuracy issues.

           hospitalizations  daily growth     Actual Hospitalization  Actual Growth
Mar 21        1964                
Mar 22        2554                590
Mar 23        3325                771
Mar 24        4468               1143
Mar 25        6136               1668
Mar 26        8570 est           2430 est             10459           4323
Mar 27       12120 est           3550 est             18000 new est   7551 new est
Mar 28       17000 est           5000 est             28000 new est  10000 new est

SOURCES – Worldometers, COVID Tracking
Written By Brian Wang,