SpaceX is Focused on the Starship / Raptor Production Line

SpaceX is continuing testing and develop of Starship prototypes and Raptor engines. Elon Musk indicates that there will be short flights with the third prototype Starship and longer flights with the fourth prototype Starship. Elon Musk and SpaceX are focused on spooling up an entire Starship/Raptor production line.

SpaceX is rapidly building launch pads and new construction buildings.

SpaceX has tested proper welding of the thrust puck.

SOURCES- What About it Video. Screen capture of Bocachicagal picture of thrust puck
Written By Brian Wang,

11 thoughts on “SpaceX is Focused on the Starship / Raptor Production Line”

  1. So, what would Elon do if hard pressed? Manikin Inc., a startup
    dedicated to devise a VR suit that remotely controls a manikin
    and transforms all unpleasant or dangerous work in a living room
    activity. Everybody pays for the manikin by moving to low-rent
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  2. I think sooner or later he won’t have much choice but to slow down, once people are required to stay home or there’s a cap on maximum number of people in a given area.

  3. I’ve seen Elon tweeting a lot about the overblown fears of covid-19; it seems he isn’t planning on letting his employees to start working from home.

    And in fact, they can’t. Bending metal and doing pressurizing/firing tests isn’t something you can do with computer models alone.

  4. Building factories and rockets is mostly manual work. The type of design work that can be done with a laptop should be mostly done at this point, until they get some more test data.

  5. It almost sounds like the coronavirus isn’t slowing them down. But I bet it is, isn’t it? There will likely be a few months delay. Though on the other hand, that’s not uncommon for SpaceX R&D even without a pandemic.

  6. I think it will pass relatively quickly even if it’s not handled very properly in some places. The eyes of the world are upon this menace now, and a combination of medicines making it far less dangerous will be found quickly (there are promising ideas for antiviral treatments already), then propagated into the rest of the world.

    It will cost more lives and economic disruption if we act stupid, though, and the more damage it makes, the slower and harder the recovery.

  7. Well it certainly should pass if handled properly – however I can’t believe how stupid all the countries in the west have been. Its like they see a small fire in a dry forest and say – well call me when it gets bigger.

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