SpaceX Starlink Launch Had an Abort

SpaceX had an abort of today’s launch of Starlink satellites.

5 thoughts on “SpaceX Starlink Launch Had an Abort”

  1. Obviously a major improvement in automated abort systems demonstrated! Now if AI could only determine root cause, and report it in a timely manner!

  2. I understand it to be a “high power” reading on one engine. Would be interesting to know what the fix is.

  3. Falcon 9 has already demonstrated a single engine loss in flight without failing the mission in 2012 (iirc it was an ORBCOM launch where the satellite was delivered safely to orbit) – it might be that they could not land the first stage in such a case, however

  4. Apparently the abort took place at engine thrust evaluation, during the initial engine startup, while still locked down. About the last instant an abort could take place without losing the rocket.

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