Tesla China Starts Shanghai Gigafactory 3 Phase 2 to Build Model Y

Tesla China has started construction on Phase 2 of Gigafactory 3 Shanghai. This will likely support Tesla Model Y production.

This work started immediately after Phase 1.5 which was for the Battery and Powertrain workshop.

In a video, Jason Yang calls it Phase 3.

SOURCES Tesla, Jason Yang, Tesmanian
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla).

7 thoughts on “Tesla China Starts Shanghai Gigafactory 3 Phase 2 to Build Model Y”

  1. I would guess that an open outdoors worksite in the sunshine may well be the healthiest place to be in a flu epidemic.
    Stay away from the communal lunch room though.

  2. Numbers have solidly fallen. Between that and maybe a little shoulder hunching after the fact, they’ve decided it’s not too bad after all. So business as usual prevails. Asian markets are already up for Monday.

  3. I’m 68 and have probably gotten the flu 20 times during my lifetime. I’ve never gotten the flu during the summer. In fact all occurrences have happened between the months of October and April.

    My guess is the coronavirus will fade out by May, then reappear late in the year.

  4. Interesting that this factory is going despite the coronavirus.

    There’s a theory that the virus won’t spread when it’s warm. Indeed, and seemingly EVERY spot on the earth where its been warm the virus has not got a foothold, ie Africa, Vietnam, the Philippines etc. And in China, where it has warmed up, the amount of new cases has gone to nearly zero. In the US, it seems nearly all the new cases are in COLD places, as Washington, Chicago, and RI.

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