US Lack of Coronavirus Tests and Testing Elsewhere

The problem in US is not that the Coronavirus is out of control, It is that we have no idea because of lack of tests.

The US is rolling out new test kits and will be doing 10,000 tests per week at the end of this and then 20,000 per week at the end of next week.

China tested 320,000 people in Guangdong (population of 113 million people) over a three-week period.

China has mainly relied on a spit test kit. This test DNA sequences the sample for Coronavirus.

Disease trackers in Singapore have used an experimental antibody test for COVID-19 to confirm that a suspected patient was infected with the coronavirus. The patient was one of two people who together formed a missing link between two clusters of cases that each occurred in a Singaporean church.

Researchers around the world are racing to develop antibody tests, also called serological tests, that can confirm whether someone was infected even after their immune system has cleared the virus that causes COVID-19. The group that developed the test, at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore.

The new antibody test helped contact tracers at Singapore’s health ministry who have been trying to find the source of a cluster of 23 COVID-19 cases at the Grace Assembly of God church, which has two large houses of worship in the city-state. Health ministry contact tracers had identified the primary case, a 28-year-old man who fell ill on 29 January. But they could not determine how he became infected.

Singapore has not a spike in case numbers seen in many other countries, possibly because of its aggressive contact tracing effort and legal authority to order people into quarantine. As of 26 February, the city had a total of 93 confirmed cases; 2848 close contacts have been quarantined for 2 weeks.

SOURCES- Journal Science, Worldmeters, John Hopkins Real-time Coronavirus tracker
Written By Brian Wang,

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