World Passes Half Million Coronavirus Cases and Italy and USA Passing China

The World has over a half million official COVID-19 Coronavirus cases. Italy’s coronavirus case count is passing China’s count in the next few hours. Italy is getting about 254 cases per hour and they are about 740 cases from passing China. The US is getting over 308 cases per hour and the US is about 5620 cases behind China.

Italy should pass China’s count in three hours and the USA will pass China in 18 hours. Spain will pass China in about 4 days.

The US will pass Italy in 2 to 4 days.

Worldometer has corrected the total number of deaths for Italy after contacting the Piedmont Region directly to confirm that the number of deaths in the region is 499 and not 449 as incorrectly reported in the Protezione Civile’s bulletin today. They checked the totals by region again and can confirm that the total number of deaths in Italy as of today is 8,215 rather than 8,165. 6153 new cases and 712 new deaths in Italy.

COVID testing statistics and hospitalizations for the USA are at the COVID tracking project.

The trend is for the US to have 80,000 COVID tests if the growth in testing is similar to two days ago to yesterday. This would put the US over 500,000 COVID tests or about 1500 tests per million people.

The US hospitalizations

           hospitalizations  daily growth
Mar 21        1964                
Mar 22        2554                590
Mar 23        3325                771
Mar 24        4468               1143
Mar 25        6136               1668
Mar 26 (est)  8570               2430
Mar 27 (est) 12120               3550
Mar 28 (est) 17000               5000

About one-third of the hospitalizations are classified as serious or critical.
The estimate of hospitalizations was just extrapolating the change in daily growth from March 25th from March 24the and running it forward three days.

SOURCES- Worldometers, Covidtracking, Analysis by Brian Wang
Written By Brian Wang, Brian is working at a coronavirus mitigation startup.

50 thoughts on “World Passes Half Million Coronavirus Cases and Italy and USA Passing China”

  1. We won’t. Your numbers are pulled out of thin air, for now. We have no clue what the real rates will be. Probably much lower than the projections.

  2. States are reporting the data. You think ALL 50 states are lying? Communists have a history of lying about……EVERYTHING.

  3. I hope I am wrong, in Italy’s rate of death from COVID-19 was around 7.2% on march 24th data in China the data was 2.5, I gave a 0.5 to 5% window as best case scenario.   As I already said above, you will not get only the lethality due to infection you will get lethality due to other causes in a saturated healthcare system. So yes there will be a lot of deaths, What pisses me of is that the more people deny and try to minimize the issue, the deadlier it becomes because it makes prevention less effective.

  4. Meanwhile yesterday they announced an arrest warrant for Maduro in Venezuela. Seems like this whole cronyvirus panic has been orchestrated so they can pass out $2trillion to their cronies and seize control of the second largest oil reserves on the planet while they’re at it. And who knows what else. Alot of soft warfare so far with dumbo Trump at the helm.

  5. In my county (Orange, CA) we added 69 new cases yesterday. Quite the jump. We also administered 1,000 tests in one day to find those 69.

  6. We do shutdown for this one because otherwise you will get 0.5-5% of the world population as extra deaths for corinavirus PLUS extra deaths in all the categories above as a lot of people survived to those issues you listed thanks to medical care last year but will not survive in a saturated medical care system. For example ALL emergency surgery procedures (for incidents, heart attacks, strokes…) are way more lethal without ICU. So you should ask yourself how many children were saved thanks to ICU last year, how many cancer patients… That will tell you why we should lockdown.

  7. Panicky Drivel.

    Look at all the other deaths this year from other stuff. We aren’t shutting the world for those.

    Communicable disease deaths this year
    Seasonal flu deaths this year
    Deaths of children under 5 this year
    Abortions this year
    Deaths of mothers during birth this year
    HIV/AIDS infected people
    Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year
    Deaths caused by cancer this year
    Deaths caused by malaria this year
    Cigarettes smoked today
    Deaths caused by smoking this year
    Deaths caused by alcohol this year
    Suicides this year
    $ 94,219,923,609
    Money spent on illegal drugs this year
    Road traffic accident fatalities this year

  8. Even if it has Soros’ money in it, that means nothing. I don’t like the guy, but do you believe he is Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Evil Incorporated?

  9. People tend to be poor further west in the country and far less so in the east. Poverty is not homogeneous in the country. Who knows what you are talking about when you say traitor to your race.

  10. Different time and different leaders different situation. Comparing now to then has a lot of issues with it.

  11. dont thank the man in the street, thank the communist party leaders,
    i read somewhere that the Wuhan lab is actually part of one of Soros
    subsidiary companies, now the strange gets weird.

  12. For real! You’d think cousins would’a stopped marrying by now, but apparently not. There’s just so much proof that it hasn’t yet tapered off! #scaredracistsnamedfriends *evil laugh*

  13. at least pelosi wanted to include 350 million for refugees to
    take the vacanted spot left by the died off population

    There is a convoy of migrants (soros ?) underway from honduras as we speak.Lets meet them halfway with free obamaphones 2.0 and the ballot harvester so they can cast votes sooner

  14. Go JUYOAAD ^_^
    Am I missing one? I gotta he missing one. O.o

    Hey… ya knoooow… if you get cold I’m sure someone’s got a few blankets for you to borrow… hmm hmm HMMM? 😉 HIYOOO!!!

  15. china is not out of pandemic yet…they might Have snuffed it out temporarily,,.but, they still have 1 billion people without immunity…in a world that will have millions of cases in a few months…

  16. Does that lend any credibility to the rumors that authorities in China were dragging people off the street and shoving them into vehicles and swiftly just executing people that could even just perceived as sick? I certainly hope not. I’ve heard of videos showing that, but A) how can I trust them and B) I’m not going around looking for videos of mass murder.

    I suppose, on a creepy note, that would technically count as cleaning up the mess, but… ya know… DAMN. Right??

  17. dems were already already trying to have people with cronavirus attend trump campaign before the lockdown…

  18. “A traitor to your race” for saying that China is different now from the 1970s.

    Those damn facts and their racial bias.

  19. Pity it was NOT a black swan event.
    People have been predicting another pandemic since 1919. The claim “it’s a black swan” is people trying to excuse the lack of preparation.
    Don’t fall for it.

  20. You forget that most of it is, majority of people are still narrowly at the poverty line. Also, it is the same since the 1970’s but they do more to cover it up. Lest we not forget their primitive 1940 European style of government that suppressed vital facts to protect the people in charge. Facts are millions of Chinese were really infected and hundreds of thousands died. If you are some Chinese shiv then you are getting the virus too, don’t believe otherwise. And if you are European then you are a traitor to your race.

  21. If you are from USA or Italy make sure to sneeze on your hand and shake the hand of a mainland Chinese person to say thanks.

  22. I agree that China’s reported cases and deaths aren’t right. Deaths can be attributed to other factors.

    I don’t know what the real numbers are, just that I have a friend of a friend who is a party loyalist who has seen more bodies in body bags in one truck than deaths reported for their entire province.

    In the end it matters less than just cleaning up the mess.

  23. China is not the same country it was in the 1970s and 1980s. China is vastly more affluent, urban, and their citizens demand more now. The people now live close by the leaders and are a genuine threat.

  24. The scary thing is that China has dumped the virus into the world and may remain the last big country passing it on its two feet. The world map after this epidemic will look different for sure. Processes that were taking shape before it will take a clear form after it. That is what Black swan events are made for.
    We need to make sure we take only smart and least cost measures to fight the epidemic if we want to stay on the winning side. So far we aren’t. More focus on test and focus isolation ramping, debt freezing , less unnecessary economic stifling general closure measures and short term no economic gain stimulus spending.

  25. China’s cases are wrong, there is plenty of evidence of fabricated cases. The country didn’t flinch at plague and famine in the 60’s and 70’s, this is MUCH worse since they shut the whole country down. And look at the propaganda, even Xi is wearing protective gear, not good for his strong man persona. And China has 1.3 billion people, compare to other countries and increase for China’s massive size then you have an idea of around what they’ve gone through.

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