World Passes Half Million Coronavirus Cases and Italy and USA Passing China

The World has over a half million official COVID-19 Coronavirus cases. Italy’s coronavirus case count is passing China’s count in the next few hours. Italy is getting about 254 cases per hour and they are about 740 cases from passing China. The US is getting over 308 cases per hour and the US is about 5620 cases behind China.

Italy should pass China’s count in three hours and the USA will pass China in 18 hours. Spain will pass China in about 4 days.

The US will pass Italy in 2 to 4 days.

Worldometer has corrected the total number of deaths for Italy after contacting the Piedmont Region directly to confirm that the number of deaths in the region is 499 and not 449 as incorrectly reported in the Protezione Civile’s bulletin today. They checked the totals by region again and can confirm that the total number of deaths in Italy as of today is 8,215 rather than 8,165. 6153 new cases and 712 new deaths in Italy.

COVID testing statistics and hospitalizations for the USA are at the COVID tracking project.

The trend is for the US to have 80,000 COVID tests if the growth in testing is similar to two days ago to yesterday. This would put the US over 500,000 COVID tests or about 1500 tests per million people.

The US hospitalizations

           hospitalizations  daily growth
Mar 21        1964                
Mar 22        2554                590
Mar 23        3325                771
Mar 24        4468               1143
Mar 25        6136               1668
Mar 26 (est)  8570               2430
Mar 27 (est) 12120               3550
Mar 28 (est) 17000               5000

About one-third of the hospitalizations are classified as serious or critical.
The estimate of hospitalizations was just extrapolating the change in daily growth from March 25th from March 24the and running it forward three days.

SOURCES- Worldometers, Covidtracking, Analysis by Brian Wang
Written By Brian Wang, Brian is working at a coronavirus mitigation startup.