Airline Future is Empty Middle Seats Now and Business Class Only Later

Wizz Air is considering flying with empty middle seats to enable social distancing while on flights. This would need to be combined with all passengers have masks and other sanitizing and safety products.

Social distancing could remain the new normal. Planes will have higher per seat prices and fewer passengers per plane. They will need to charge 120 people what 180 people used to pay in order to have an economic flight.

Economy airfare would need to be 50% to 100% more expensive.

It can cost about $20 million per plane to reconfigure an aircraft cabin.

Airlines that survive would need to adapt to lower passenger volumes and providing safe flights.

Packing people into the current economy in relative complete safely would require all passengers to travel the way some Taiwanese passengers travel to and from coronavirus hotzones.

SOURCES- Reuters, Forbes, Travel Update, NPR, AP, Analysis by Brian Wang
Written By Brian Wang,