Anti-Coronavirus Needs to Be Compatible With Economic Activity

Admiral Brett Giroir, lead White House team COVID-19 testing efforts, said he is “very optimistic” that tens of millions of the tests will be available by May.

This could enable the US economy to be opened.

The current shutdowns are costing the US economy about 1 million unemployed every day.

If there is:
Masks worn by everyone going back to work.
Hourly hand cleaning
Aggressive and frequent cleaning of surfaces.
Identification of those with COVID-19 antibodies (likely immune)
Contact Tracing
Widespread testing for COVID-19
Temperature checks for those at workplaces or meetings

Then workplaces and other businesses could re-open.

SOURCES- ABC News, Nextbigfuture opinion and analysis
Written By Brian Wang.

13 thoughts on “Anti-Coronavirus Needs to Be Compatible With Economic Activity”

  1. Bolsheviks can die too.
    These aren’t the good old days, the realities of modern warfare are very different than in your fever dreams.

  2. The testing is currently not terribly effective right now with a false negative rate that might be too high to allow for mitigation efforts other than a lock-down to be effective. The people that do epidemiological simulations need to create some models of this and test it before we get carried away backing down from the lock-down.

  3. assuming the rapid evolution in some aspects of it does not force making a new type of vaccine every year, similar to how influenza vaccines need to be redone every year

  4. Problem is that since its a novel virus with limited immunity, time is required for herd immunity. A vaccine speeds that up; however, with the speed that it spreads and high variability of symptoms, it will be quick to develop herd immunity. Yet quick is still about 9-24 months in this context. The death rate will drop quick as it hits and people become immune, but expect it to easily surpass H1N1, which I can attest from personal experience, was bad news if you did catch it.

  5. Agree. If not more people will die from starvation and social unrest than from the virus.

    That means testing, testing and testing. Those that got it and are out of it, should get a permission to get back to work.

    Those sick should remain quarantined and those without it keeping their distance.

    Unfortunately this only works with an efficient control system tracking everyone’s status, which goes against Western deep rooted attitudes. But the world will probably need it, in order to avoid a bigger catastrophe.

  6. If the true case mortality is close to 0.5% as the best evidence shows, then treating this virus as the equivalent of the bubonic plague may be an overreaction.

    Perhaps some people want to bring about revolutionary change. Destroying the economy will help accomplish that.

  7. I have spent more money than I would otherwise have during the lockdown.

    I’ve bought groceries, dry goods, masks, hobby equipment, dumbbells, video games, streaming subscriptions… all delivered.

  8. Dead people don’t contribute much to the economy, unless overpriced mortuary service expenses count. Testing for anti-bodies is the key. You over it? Good. Go back to work.

  9. I’ve been making the same points to people here in Canada. This lockdown is an overreaction. I expect the lockdown damage to far exceed the virus damage. Not that we shouldn’t take it seriously and take strong measures. But a complete lockdown is a simplistic wasteful solution.

  10. Finally a reasoned article. This full lockdown police state business must stop now. Common sense please!

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