Denmark, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic Are Carefully Lifting Coronavirus Restrictions

From Wednesday, Denmark children aged 11 and younger will return to schools and nurseries, after a month of closures. Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic and Austria are the first European countries that are slowly lifting lockdown.

They are re-opening some stores and schools.

Austria some shops reopen this Tuesday and other stores, restaurants and hotels will open in May.

Children go back to Norway’s kindergartens on 20 April and junior schools a week later.

Bulgaria farmers’ markets are reopening. In the Czech Republic, shops selling building materials and bikes are back in business and rules have been relaxed for open-air recreation areas.

Spain, which along with Italy has been hardest hit by Covid-19, will allow non-essential workers back to work from Monday and will hand out protective masks at stations.

Denmark Closed Early

Denmark was an early closer in Europe. Denmark coronavirus restrictions were started on March 11. This was 12 days before measures in the UK.

Denmark limited gatherings to 10 people, the workforce told to stay home, and the borders were shut.

Denmark’s hospital’s are in good shape with a lot of capacity.

Opening up will take time, and there will be lots of new rules.

Written By Brian Wang,

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