How Taiwan and South Korea Have Safe Open Economies During Coronavirus

Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam have been countries with the best coronavirus procedures and they are safely keeping their economies open. South Korea had a significant outbreak that they were able to contain.

The US now has more than the level of testing that South Korea had when it contained its outbreak. The US has more cases than South Korea’s outbreak but coordination of testing, contact tracing and pro-active quarantine maintenance and monitoring should be possible.

Taiwan has used electronic and other monitoring of potential patients and actual patients. They used mobile phones to make sure infected people didn’t leave quarantine.

Israel said last month that it would emulate Taiwan’s monitoring of potential patients.

Israel will use mobile-phone tracking technology to give a far more precise history of an infected person’s movements before they were diagnosed and identify people who might have been exposed.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said her country was going to follow, pretty closely, the Taiwanese model.

Google and Apple will enable global contact tracing via smartphone starting in May. This will enable all phones to determine who was in contact within 6 feet for over 15-30 minutes.

Smartphone movement tracking and tracing will be enabled.

Permanent Global Privacy Loss

The Dark Knight movie had Batman using a smartphone sonar network to spy on citizens and to determine the location of the Joker. The fictional Prism system was destroyed at the end of the movie.

The new global smartphone movement tracking system will clearly never be de-activated or destroyed.

I believe that with credit card usage and smartphone records any smaller group of people could be thoroughly tracked anyway. The people of the world just have to stay vigilant that this new capability exists and needs to be managed as openly as possible.

SOURCES – AP, JAMA journal, Dark Knight movie
Written By Brian Wang,,

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