Shanghai Tesla at Full Phase 1 Production in April and Surpass in 2020

Tesla Shanghai is already at full 150,000 car per year production this month. They will finish an expansion in months and will have even more production in 2020.

Jason Yang has video of the operations inside the Shanghai Tesla Gigafactory.

Hyperchange reports on the production numbers from China and has a conservative forecast for 2020 and 2021.

Tesla is also upgrading the Fremont factory.

SOURCES- Hyperchange, Jason Yang, Tesla
Written By Brian Wang, Brian owns shares of Tesla.

9 thoughts on “Shanghai Tesla at Full Phase 1 Production in April and Surpass in 2020”

  1. Doctorpat is right. the whole point of the factory is to avoid the Chinese import tariffs. Same reason every other car company in the world has a JV in China. Conversely, China doesn’t export much in vehicles due to import tariffs in OTHER countries. You’ll never see a Mercedes built in China on the road in Germany, for instance. though China is exporting light trucks into south east Asia and Africa.

  2. These videos are discussing the Chinese production and the Chinese sales as though they are the same thing.

  3. I believe this factory is intended to serve the Chinese market. Hence, if anything, it’s part of the move towards having more local supply.

  4. …At a time when the world is trying hard to return production from China back home.

    The fallacies of the old world are being exposed, the dangers of moving all manufacturing to one totalitarian and expansionist big country are becoming apparent.

  5. As a Tesla stock owner, I think this is very hopeful news. Perhaps Tesla can manage to squeeze out about 200 000 cars in China this year? If they manage to get the expansion build in record time?

  6. You may be correct, OR it may be that Chinese EV buyers have decided to hold off on their purchase for a few months because they are about to get a big supply of locally made Teslas.
    And… you know… the whole Black Death II thing.

    We’ll have to wait and see.

  7. Just in time for the slowdown in NEV sales in China. Sept ’19 BYD showed 51% drop in YOY sales of EVs. Tesla is sticking it’s face in a bear trap. A lot of this is due to subsidies getting pulled. Further proof that EVs are not right for prime time. Maybe in a few more years, but not now. These are still for rich people who think EVs are cool. On top of that, petrol prices in China are down ~30%.

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