SpaceX SN4 Starship Prototype Passed Cryo Fuel Test

The SpaceX SN4 Starship has passed a lower pressure cryo fuel test. The next milestone will be the static fire test, where the Starship will be held in place during engine firing.

SN4 will have one engine and a lower pressure 200-meter flight.
SpaceX is already assembling Starship SN5.

Newer Starships will switch to a new steel alloy that has higher strength under cryo temperatures. The new material will be able to handle higher pressures for higher altitude and orbital flights.

SOURCES- Elon Musk Twitter, Felix Schlang – What About it? Video
Written By Brian Wang,

10 thoughts on “SpaceX SN4 Starship Prototype Passed Cryo Fuel Test”

  1. What got fired into the distance? It imploded due to insufficient pressurization of the lower tank.

  2. I believe the last one they accidentally tested at negative gage pressure, due to a test procedure problem.

  3. Yes, it will be good to get that thing in the air. It was tested as the pictures show. It certanly is possible that they lowered the bar…so to speak. So they could get on with the other tests.

  4. Elon’s initial reports on SN3 was they may have exceeded test parameters. I don’t know if that actually happened and, if they did, by how much. IRRC, they tested at a lower pressure, like this test, and at pressures equal to the force expected with a launch.

    The fact that they didn’t test at the higher pressure probably indicates they want to wait on the newer steel. Might as well, regardless of the actual cause of the failure of SN3. Might as well get to low level engine tests.

  5. I hope this is not difficult for them to replicate, and know why it passed this time, so they don’t have to test every subsequent one they make. Or at least the tests become routine.

  6. Heck yeah! After that last test, I was a little worried. Fireworks are only good when you WANT them. I think there was one piece that got fired off into the distance, too. No more of that, please.

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