USA Coronavirus Deaths Passes 20,000 and Is World’s Highest

The USA became the first nation to record more than 2,000 virus deaths in a single day and total US COVID-19 deaths are over 20,000.

New York is nearing 10,000 deaths.

Written By Brian Wang,

8 thoughts on “USA Coronavirus Deaths Passes 20,000 and Is World’s Highest”

  1. Every day Luca sits at his keyboard wondering how he will make each post about the Iraq war.

    No doubt that should Remdesivir be successful at treating this virus he will make it all about Cheney and by extension the Iraq war.

    At least we know that Luca is still alive because he pops in to every thread to remind us about the Iraq war.

  2. Trump was not going to win New York anyway. And when the heirs see thier inheritance tax they may think twice about how they have been voting.

  3. Gimme the age and comorbidity stats. Also provide comparisons against control samples e.g. number of people aged over 70 who died of hypertension and a cold

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