2020s Will See Trillions of Molecular Devices on CMOS Chips

The Roswell Biotechnology and IMEC Molecular Electronics chips will seek to master the integration of molecular devices with nanometer precise CMOS. Molecular electronics will be the next era of biotechnology for next level gene sequencing, many new devices and massive new data storage using DNA.

CMOS is reaching 1-2 nanometer precise features using EUV lithography. Molecules have been anchored onto CMOS to create hybrid electronics and the means to read out any bonded or sensed actions on the molecules.

This can be used for a wide variety of molecular sensors, billions and possibly trillions of parallel DNA readers, protein readers and perhaps building DNA and proteins.

Hybriding molecules with CMOS will reach trillions of parallel devices. This will be on large chips with 1-nanometer precision. There can also be many chips that only cost a few dollars each.

This could also be a pathway to pure molecular electronics. The hybrid molecular electronic companies like Roswell Biotechnologies will likely make many billions of dollars. Illumina is worth over $50 billion with its domination of gene sequencing machines. This will mean Roswell Biotechnologies and many other molecular electronics companies will have billions to spend on research and development.

Vastly more money will mean that the field will not have progress limited by lack of funds.

Genome reading will reach $10 or less by 2030 and will take minutes. All human genomes will be read and the genomes of most plants, animals, insects and many bacteria and viruses.

Massively parallel reading and writing of DNA will make hyperefficient exaflop molecular storage. This massive storage will be useful for recording the massive amounts of ultrafast and ultracheap sequencing. The massive growth in the understanding of molecules will help boost the range and usefulness of the molecular devices that can be used.

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