Carnival of Space 661

The Carnival of Space 661 is up at Universe Today.

Universe Today – Trump Signed an Executive Order Allowing Mining of the Moon and Asteroids.

On April 6th, the Trump administration took things a step further by signing an executive order that formally recognizes the rights of private interests to claim resources in space. This order, titled “Encouraging International Support for the Recovery and Use of Space Resources,” effectively ends the decades-long debate that began with the signing of The Outer Space Treaty in 1967.

Universe Today – NASA’s Plans For a Lunar Base Camp

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  1. A fairly decent SF novel on this: “Delta-V” by Daniel Suarez.
    Not much of a spoiler: it’s about a secret asteroid mining mission, though at some point you’ll start to wonder why no one who knows the secret has revealed it yet.

    I’d recommend reading the first chapter or so to meet a few key characters and then skimming until it gets to the actual asteroid mining parts, as it kind of drags til then (or maybe not, if you aren’t reading the book because you are interested in the asteroid mining part). You can come back later if you want to get all the character development and bits of background.

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