Momentus Space Signs SatRevolution as a Customer

Momentus Space has agreed to launch a SatRevolution cubesat.

SatRevolution designs and supplies cubesat platforms and services, and is currently working on the first phase of its Earth-observation constellation in 2023. LabSat, which will be transported by Vigoride, is the result of a project focusing on miniaturized laboratory tools and technologies for testing in microgravity conditions. The satellite consists of a cubesat bus, created by SatRevolution, and scientific payloads developed by four Wrocław based universities, spearheaded by Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

Satellite manufacturer and mission management provider Alba Orbital will join Momentus Space’s December 2020 launch.

During the Momentus December 2020 mission, the company plans to deploy a record number of PocketQubes in orbit on 3 AlbaPods.

We look forward to enabling Alba Orbital to service PocketQube customers with demonstration missions in form factors even smaller than cubesats.

SOURCES- Momentus Space
Written By Brian Wang,

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