Reversal of Premature Aging

Harvard researchers identified several small molecules that appear to reverse cellular aging in premature aging disease.

Small-Molecule PAPD5 Inhibitors Restore Telomerase Activity in Patient Stem Cells (Cell Stem Cell Journal)

• High-throughput screening identified specific small-molecule PAPD5 inhibitor BCH001
• BCH001 restores telomere length in iPSCs from patients with dyskeratosis congenita
• Repurposed HBsAg suppressors, dihydroquinolizinones, increase TERC in stem cells
• Oral PAPD5 inhibitors restore TERC and telomeres in human HSPCs in vivo

They tested more than 100,000 known chemicals. They got 480 initial “hits,” which they ultimately narrowed to a small handful.

they were able to boost the cells and restore telomere length.