Blood Factors Halve the Epigenetic Age in Mice Cells

Young blood plasma is known to confer beneficial effects on various organs in mice. However, it was not known whether young plasma rejuvenates cells and tissues at the epigenetic level; whether it alters the epigenetic clock, which is a highly-accurate molecular biomarker of aging.

Researchers developed and validated six different epigenetic clocks for rat tissues that are based on DNA methylation. They demonstrated that a plasma-derived treatment markedly reverses aging according to epigenetic clocks and benchmark biomarkers of aging.

According to the six epigenetic clocks, the plasma fraction treatment rejuvenated liver by 73.4% (ranging from 63% to 81% depending on the clock), blood by 52% (ranging from 47 to 56%), heart by 52% (ranging from 40 to 74%), and hypothalamus by 11% (ranging from 1 to 20%). The rejuvenation effects are even more pronounced if we use the final versions of our epigenetic clocks: liver 75%, blood 66%, heart 57%, hypothalamus 19%. According to the final version of the epigenetic clocks, the average rejuvenation across four tissues was 54.2%.

The treatment more than halved the epigenetic age.

SOURCES- Biorxiv
Written By Brian Wang,

14 thoughts on “Blood Factors Halve the Epigenetic Age in Mice Cells”

  1. if you find it such a big question: have you tried reading the paper?
    It’s not even about blood… but some plasma fraction, which could be manufactured synthetically, the authors said.

  2. I’m doing Rapamycin , Metformin, D&Q senolytics and exercise but I’ll be surprised to get 5 more years. They all slow down aging but don’t reverse it, at least not aspects of aging.

  3. It’s not just clocks. The treatment reduced a number of health factors. It truly reversed aging in the mice and they did it with only two treatments. The authors said they believe will be inexpensive and should last several years between treatments. I haven’t been this excited about a new science discovery since Pons and Fleischman discovered cold fusion. This is really very big and will put COVID19 on page two of the news if it works. Hopefully it works out better the cold fusion.

  4. Janov has been reporting dramatic physiological changes in patients, esp as they go thru birth Primals, for 50 years. These are permanent epigenetic changes. Interesting, no?

  5. But once you’ve done your exercise and metformin, can you just do twice as much exercise and get another 5 years?
    So another approach is needed.

  6. don’t forget that this so called “clocks” measure very specific things that happen to correlate with the remainng health-span/lifespan. Like measuring rings on the tree. Rolling back those indicators is akin rolling back the odometer of your car. Can help selling it but will do absolutely nothing about rust, and other wear and tear. So the question is how much health/longevity benefits are there by reducing those factors…

  7. only about 2 to 3 years. The rest is avoiding really bad stuff like smoking and obesity . Rapamycin can yield probably 3-4 more years of stated in late 40s… Senolitics are whole different beast. could easily add 10 more years to life expectancy and health-span.

  8. Add 5 years to healthy life span by 2030?
    Utterly pathetic. 
    We can already do that, with exercise and metformin.

  9. The big question is, how long does the treatment last? Will these vampires need a daily supply of young blood to remain immortal?

  10. for anti-ageing, get out there: Longevity Forums past and present.
    London November 2019 explored the recent advances in pro-longevity therapies, including small molecules, stem cells, regenerative medicine , microbiome and gene therapy. All of these are, to varying degrees, in human trials and the combination of these exciting developments and the fact that ageing pathways have been proven to be malleable, make the bioengineering of human beings to live longer and more robustly a strong likelihood, rather than an historically improbable aspiration. Indeed, it is clear that the science of biogerontology is rapidly catching up with the desire of most of us to live longer and in better health. Add 5 years to healthy life span by 2030.

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