SpaceX Plans for Mobile Service Tower and 70 Launches Per Year

SpaceX has an environmental application to the FAA. It shows plans for a Mobile Service Tower and increasing launches to 70 per year. SpaceX will need to amend these plans when the Super Heavy Starship is working. The plans do not include Super Heavy Starship launches.

SpaceX plans to develop vertical integration capabilities at LC-39A to support commercial launches, NASA launches, and USAF’s National Security Space Launch program. An Mobile Service Tower (MST) would be constructed on the existing LC-39A pad to support this capability. The MST would consist of a steel trussed tower, a base, and a rail bridge. Four transport wheel assemblies located at the corners of the tower
Environmental Assessment for SpaceX Falcon Launch Vehicle at KSC and CCAFS would be constructed and used to move the tower 130 feet from an integration to a launch position. The tower would have 11 floors and would be approximately 284 feet tall.

Written By Brian Wang,

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