SpaceX SN4 Starship Reaches 7.5 Bar High Pressure

The SpaceX Starship SN4 prototype has passed a 7.5 Bar high pressure test.

SOURCES- What About It? Felix Schlang, Bocachica, Las Padres, SpaceX, Elon Musk twitter
Written By Brian Wang,

5 thoughts on “SpaceX SN4 Starship Reaches 7.5 Bar High Pressure”

  1. It was 7.5 absolute. Which is fine for unmanned to orbit (6+). 8.5 for manned. No point in going higher as this will never be manned. And SN6 should have all new alloy and refined manufacturing techniques so should get to comfortably more than 8.5 anyways.

  2. The greater the internal pressure, the more load on top without propellant tank collapse. The 8.5 bar figure rings a bell for early SN testing. It is not only weight at rest, but dynamic loading once underway—what is the G-loading, perhaps more than three? There has been discussion of a custom blend stainless alloy to allow higher performance at chronic temps.

  3. Isn’t 8,5 bar required? Ok if they finally fixed repeating problem, good work. They had some time for engine development as well, hope their main workhorse engine for Mars is in Elon’s words “super reliable”.

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