Tesla is Restarting Production in Fremont Today

Elon Musk is tweeting that Tesla is restarting vehicle production at the Fremont factory. This is against Alameda County rules but is permitted by the state of California.

Elon Musk will be at the factory and hopes that if anyone is arrested that it will only be him.

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  1. I don’t know the US & Cali laws… There are a few comments further down on the legal aspects.

  2. I saw this coming when Elon announced he was selling his homes in California. He was wise to keep his upcoming escape under his hat.
    You can’t pursue true vision, in a place where fear is preferred to fact. After all, the unknown is always feared by those with no imagination.
    Waheguru’s universe makes exoindustrialization hard enough already. Moronic dictator wannabes managing production make it impossible.
    Elon, leave California before the state declares you government property. You have only your chains to lose.

  3. For an outsider: I would be interested what the legal situation is? Does a health official have the power to overrule both federal and state law? This can not be considered an emergency.

  4. What’s the ultimate limit of democrat business practices? Actually you guys like to fiddle in every little aspect of us peasants’ lives, not only business… But I digress, the question stands.

  5. The guy ditches the HQ and possibly the factory (bluffing if you ask me), not the customer base. Or am I missing something?

  6. I didn’t came here for anyone’s political views. Aside from a few exceptions such as this post, this is a tech-oriented website. Yes, this very post IS about politics and so politics is fair game in comments. However the sense of entitlement is palpable & amuses me. Some guys really believe they belong to some political superior race or smthing. I’ll even extend an olive branch here and say that from a libertarian perspective you can – let’s say – blame the guy because libertarians generally don’t like top-down govt so “state trumps county” would rather be more like a socialist’s argument IMO.

  7. This is another stupid statement from someone who live in a world where the law needs to serve his reality.

  8. Everybody stay cool, photon plumber is here back from his months-long journey to defend us from those conservatives!

  9. And republican business practices, taken to their ultimate limit, will see just that. If it doesn’t benefit them directly monetarily, they have no use for it.

  10. Yet stats clearly show California leads the country many years if not all in job production and new small/medium sized company start ups. Foreign investors and VC like to drop their money here. A few regulations aren’t enough to get in the way of ditching a customer base of +40 million people.

  11. Jesus christ, you go away for a few months and the place gets over run by what can only be nothing else but conservatives, still odd for a science and technology site. Never understood the hate for California these red state residents have. We provide you with tax money to operate, we provide you with food, we provide you with the internet…yes, California basically backbones the internet, especially in these days of work from home or school from home video services. I could go on with the list of products and services from the world’s fifth largest economy.

  12. It was a local decision by the city, not a state level by California government. Reading comprehension counts.

  13. “Endangering lives” when did this become a thing? When they start up the Boeing plant the airliners they produce will be “endangering lives” maybe we should shut them down, and ban air travel. Saving lives!

  14. Well, he already has a factory in Shanghai China. Not sure about moving everything there but cost of labor/regulation is almost certainly smaller.

  15. They threatened doing this back in late March. It was Tesla being or wanting to appear sensitive to the public and employee concerns, not poor lawyering.

  16. Exactly. Freer than now though, right? ironically one of the things the US Constitution DOES allow…

  17. Tesla certainly falls under the national critical infrastructure as defined.
    And the ‘advisory letter’ of March 16th calls on state/local agencies to make decisions about how to protect their communities “while ensuring continuity of functions critical to … economic and national security”.

    Still, if Tesla legal was on top of things, this should have been resolved long ago with a call to the CISA asking for official over-ruling of California’s shutdown order. Unless maybe they tried that and CISA stonewalled them…

  18. Following the same line of reasoning he should move everything to China, India or Mexico. I do not expect a lot of celebrations here on NBF if this should happen

  19. Ban cars with high IIHS death rates and force upgrade them to safer models. At government cost. It would save more life-years at cheaper cost. $600 per year is the amortized cost difference.
    Force everyone to get flu shots every year. etc.

  20. What is the $600 change to which you refer?

    Yes, we are doing the right thing by cautiously reopening, as US new cases seem to FINALLY be bending downward.

    But I’d guess at least half the population have only contributed to COVID19 suppression by lacking the opportunity to go to crowded bars and such. (Maybe I’m biased by observations of my area…) If (over a month of cautious reopening) new cases keep falling, and if new ICU practices and drugs can be demonstrated to slash the death rate – then we can let the lemmings run toward the cliffs, as we’ll have enough padding at the bottom to save them (and us) from themselves.

  21. For $600 a year you can reduce a car’s death rate from about 100 per million registered years to about 20. Same or better gas mileage. So upgrade 1 million car purchases for $600 million dollars and save 80 lives. $7.5 million per life saved. It gets even cheaper as the cars get paid off.
    Consider it is about 30 years of life saved vs. about 13 life-years saved for averting coronavirus deaths….
    There’s a hundred things we could do to save lives over the next five years that would cost about 1/4th or less of the cost per year of life saved.
    The curve is now flattened. There are best practices to improve survival rates now (Harvard hospitals have ICU death rate down to 1 in 6 with no special drugs just best practices – this is down from 1 in 2). The economy should be reopened as expeditiously as possible. If you count in drugs that have been shown to help like famotidine and ones shortly about to (nicotine) it just gets even more clear what to do.

  22. There is already a federal law that prohibits anybody but the federal government to do a health shutdown of vehicle manufacturing. It was unlawful overreach from the beginning.

  23. LOL Sounds like he’s fully assimilated to the American way of life( I say this as a supporter of his actions)….

  24. Who broke the law? He appealed to higher legal authorities to interveene when one non-democraticaly elected official was being unreasonable, in his view. State trumps the county, it’s political poker! His use of social media to gain attention is unconventional, in Roman terms, but its pretty apt for 2020. Zero illegal here and frankly zero unusual here for a powerful economic engine/company/person to demand elevated consideration from “the boss”.

  25. IMHO, the republic was doomed when the size of the state outgrew the communications tech and political structure they had. Nobody sustained a republic much larger than a city until a thousand years of development later (the Dutch, and arguably the English, who were both equipped with much better communications tech, internal (ship based) transport, and whose population core was still much smaller in area than 50BC Roman territory).
    Doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have staggered along for another few generations, and/or developed into something a fair bit better than the Imperial Roman system, had Julie not been such a dick.
    Recently listened to a course on Ancient Egypt, and that lecturer argued that (in his humble opinion) it was Ceasar’s time in Egypt with Cleopatra that did the damage. She was still treated, literally, as a god by the Egyptian people. He got to be treated as the boyfriend of a god. He liked it. When he went back to the republic and was demoted to being just a humble general again he reacted unwisely.

  26. lol, gotta love Musk. I’d be surprised if he still has a factory in Cali in 5 years. Too many regulations to run a business that makes things. Cali is for software, anything physical and all the lefties cry about using mother earth’s minerals for human consumption.

  27. There are courts for that, no need to bypass them and break the law. A law that is unconstitutional does not allow for breaking the law. Julius might have had good reasons to cross the Rubicon as well as popular support but the loss of the Roman republic reverberates to this day.

  28. And the rule of law is only as useful as the people allow them to be. Otherwise its just men with guns making people obey the laws demanded by the few over the many.

    And the LAW is governed by our constitution of which NONE of this is constitutional….so illegal.

  29. I have to admit the guy has a knack for histrionics.

    Being taken away handcuffed in the name of the American dream and progress has a lot of potential as self promotion.

  30. Will he force the US one day to send people to Mars when he decides that it is the right time riding on his engineering achievements in his “name of progress”? Te rule of law is not perfect but is indispensable in a democratic society.

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