Tesla Preparing to Restart Fremont Car Production

Tesla is preparing to restart some car production in Fremont according to The Chronicle.

The planned reopening of some production lines is between now and next week.

10 thoughts on “Tesla Preparing to Restart Fremont Car Production”

  1. Parts bottleneck was the reason given. Either way, another 2-3 days of closure, which began yesterday. Nothing much to think about.

  2. You don’t know my achievements and i’m certainly not going to announce them here. I like Musk’s achievements, SpaceX in particular.

    I dislike Tesla’s whole “tent manufacturing as a way of working around the failures in Musk’s automated alien dreadnought factory line” strategy.

    I dislike the notion that only Musk could walk the factory line and make things more efficient. If true then Tesla is doomed because they can’t hire competent people. If not true then it is a nauseating cult of personality PR.

    To the best of my knowledge Steve Jobs never walked the iPhone manufacturing lines to make them more efficient. Because Apple could hire and retain competent people.

  3. lol, such bile for someone successful and lauded.

    Perhaps you’re feeling melancholic about your relative lack of accomplishment?

  4. Heretic!

    Production line has been operating above optimal ever since St. Musk walked the line and laid hands on the machinery.

  5. Hopefully they used the opportunity to make the production line more efficient and faster.

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