Tesla Terafactory in Texas or Oklahoma Should Start by End of 2020

Tesla will build a new Terafactory in either Tulsa, Oklahoma or Austin Texas. Austin seems to be in the lead.

The goal is for Model Y production to start at the selected location by the end of 2020. If this happens then the factory would go from start to production even faster than the Shanghai Gigafactory.

The factory will eventually produce Cybertrucks and Model Y.

They will likely start with general assembly and then add painting, stamping and Build it in White Robots.

In the David Lee video he says 2020 at times when he means 2021. In 2021, they will add more to the new factory.

SOURCES- Tesla, Elon Musk, David Lee
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (owns Tesla shares)

13 thoughts on “Tesla Terafactory in Texas or Oklahoma Should Start by End of 2020”

  1. You aren’t seeing it buddy, they are spread out because they get subsides then. I can’t phrase it simplet than that, do some dot connecting.

  2. They have a spread out supply chain for politics. If they grease up some representative’s pocket with a factory then they’ll get Government money. Why do you think Boeing makes parts in Brazil when they can easily make it in their own factories in America? It’s because the longer the supply chain the more the government subsidizes them. Large supply chains are inefficient and are burdens. That is why Tesla made so much money first quarter, when global supply chains went into the toilet it didn’t matter since Tesla owns their supply chains!

  3. They don’t need to replace anything, they are doing this because they anticipate growth in the EV market. They aren’t closing Fremont, it just reached capacity so they’re building more Gigafactories and possibly Terafactories.

  4. From the “Could people get anymore shallow?” – file:
    “…One of America’s biggest oil hotspots—Tulsa, Oklahoma—has found a novel way to advertise itself to Tesla, which is looking for a location for a new car factory. The city has started work on one of its landmarks, the Golden Driller statue, to make it look like Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk….”

  5. Not initially but eventually they could transit away from it. Move Model Y production to Texas, move model 3 production to somewhere with good tent weather, and then when it is time to make a refreshed model X and Y you can make a new plant elsewhere.

    Software development can stay in the Bay Area because there is lots of talent there but no need for manufacturing to stay there.

  6. O really? Why does Boeing have manufacturing facilities in multiple states? Why does Ford make vehicles in multiple states? Etc etc.


  7. Terafactory? Since when has Tesla progressed to point that they need to use that nomenclature?

  8. What? That’s how manufacturing works man, it’s the most stable way of doing business considering he doesn’t want to outsource. Would you rather him build it on the 4 corners monument so he can just switch states at will?

  9. Companies don’t like to be beholden to a single component provider, why be beholden to a single state?

  10. Elon will launch a trend of industries able to relocate very fast (compared with the past) if the political or economical environment becomes unfriendly

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