Tesla Texas Terafactory is Appearing on Google Maps

Tesla is showing Hutto Texas as a possible location for a new Terafactory in Google Maps.

SOURCES- Austin Tesla Club
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture (Brian own shares of Tesla)

7 thoughts on “Tesla Texas Terafactory is Appearing on Google Maps”

  1. oops – from the ‘Shoot yourself in the foot’ – File: 
    “… Tesla has made a move away from the dominant EV battery technology, asking the Chinese government for approval to start manufacturing Tesla Model 3 featuring a lithium iron phosphate batteries, Reuters reports, citing a document published on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology…”
    Will new battery factories be obsolete even before design finish and first erection…

  2. Close enough to Austin for all desired hipster activities but far enough away to avoid the day to day congestion. Good choice.

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