Tomorrow Docking With the Space Station

Astronauts Bob and Doug are successfully in orbit. There will be a series of adjustments to move them to the Space Station. Tomorrow they will dock with the space station. They will move through a series of checkpoints as they move closer to the station.

Written by Brian Wang,

12 thoughts on “Tomorrow Docking With the Space Station”

  1. Just watched the docking…
    I guess Musk is now contemplating new airlock designs.
    What a mess! A very anti-photogenic airlock they have there. It will not go well with the plans of making film in space. Just going through the airlock took a lot longer than the entire launch to orbit.

  2. NASA made a last minute seat pitch change that made 7 seats impossible, so they are stuck at 4. For a pure commercial flight that NASA doesn’t pay for, I suppose SpaceX could do a 7 seater, but NASA rules might preclude that if the destination is ISS.

  3. Well they do want to put it through it’s paces, plus I think this is the fast intercept rondezvous plan that Soyuz has been using recently?

  4. Oh, and oh boy there was an outpour of mediocrity yesterday in social networks, pestering the evil billionaires taking over space from muh taxes (which they miserly refuse to give to space science anyway).

    Apparently a lot of these people took offense that the world isn’t stopping and that everything isn’t about their issues.

  5. That seems excessively complex for a flight that had such a short launch window. Do they put it in some kind of quarantine orbit until they’re sure things are working right?

  6. Though SpaceX’s Bob and Doug are first, the schedule going forward is not clearly defined. When will the 7-member capacity Dragon be fully utilized and what is the consequence of being completely crewed? – a bit more opaque than the STS flight.

  7. Beautiful launch! Crew Dragon is really cool, with echoes from 2001: a space odyssey. Beautiful and functional inner design too..

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