Will Updates to Population Counts in 2020 Reveal Global 8 Billion in 2021?

Over 100 countries are counting their population in 2020. There will be results coming in over the next few months.

Many African countries have not had a census for 10-20 years.

Various high population growth rate countries could have surprising adjustments.

India will not complete its census until February, 2021.

There is now more tracking of population counts on an ongoing basis in developed countries. Africa and parts of Asia are still poorly tracked.

The current world real-time population count is about 7.8 billion people. World population is increasing by about 81 million people each year. If there was a 1% undercount revealed in the 2020-2021 census counts then the World population could pass 8 billion late in 2021.

SOURCES- UN Statistics
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com