3 Million People With Over $5 Million in Net Worth

In 2019, the population of very high net worth [VHNW] (those between $5 million to $30 million of net worth) increased by 10% to 2.7 million. The combined net worth of
VHNW individuals also increased by over 10%, to $26.6 trillion. This is according to WealthX.

There are
22.2 million people with between $1-5 million
2.7 million people with between $5-30 million
291K people with over $30 million
1936 people with $1-10 billion
159 people with $10 billion to $100 billion
2 people with over $100 billion

There are 2095 billionaires according to Forbes.

Jeff Bezos is back to $157 billion and his wife has $51.8 billion.

SOURCES- WealthX, Forbes, Bloomberg Billionaire Index
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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  1. I’m intrigued by your theory that people would be deliberately sabotaging medical trial results.
    For what reason? So they can sell more …. what?

  2. The “testing” of hydroxychloroquine has been a sham (and a shame). The FDA’s opinion about it is political, and ignores the success numerous countries are having using it. It is not a miracle cure, but it definitely is effective when used properly. The sham testing has, I believe deliberately, tested it in ways that differ greatly from the way it is used in those places that are having success with it.

    The often-cited dangerous side effect are both well known from its decades of use for treating lupus and other auto-immune diseases, and usually only appear after prolonged use. Use for treating Covid-19 lasts only five to ten days, in which time the risk of any of those side effects is extremely small.

  3. nutrition supplements are BS in general, but in particular if meant against an actual disease-causing virus.
    My comment was about listed markets: the economy is down 52% in Q2 and forecasted to be down high-single-digit or low-double-digit for the year in most Western countries, 25 million suddenly unemployed people in the US, the fat kid in Korea blowing up peace buildings, two nuclear superpowers with 3Bn people killing each other’s soldiers over petty territorial issues, international trade collapsed, food crops ruined, price of most commodities gone haywire, fiscal deficits through the roof of sustainability in most countries, demographic issues becoming more and more tangible, no cure in sight for the next year or so for that economy-killing pandemic, political discourse at the edge of civil war in most places, etc… AND markets are all times high like in February?? This is the definition of a dead cat bounce and gullible folks are bullishly betting their welfare checks on Robinhood thinking everything’s fine. Unless the stock exchange equivalent of the laws of physics stopped working, sooner or later the narrative that drives prices has to meet again the dire reality of the numbers. Every bear market in history had a bounce before the proper slide, that’s what I meant.

  4. I have doubts that we will have the same reaction to a second wave if it comes. As long as we can keep deaths down, I don’t think the public will panic even if daily cases go back to something approaching 40,000. And I think we can, if we use what we have learned and we use quick accurate tests in intelligent ways.
    The public should be told by the CDC to take vitamin C, zinc, and selenium to help prevent infection…and a multivitamin/multimineral. And take famotidine at the first symptoms. The evidence, I admit, is weak at the moment for Famotidine, but the risk is very small. Famotidine is very safe. Though, I don’t think it makes sense to take it prophylactically, because you don’t want to mess with your digestive system. I am not telling anyone to take it. I am saying the CDC should look seriously at making that recommendation. I will say I have mine sitting on my desk. And I am definitely going to take it if I have any symptoms. I did take one to be sure I am not allergic or something. I would not want to compound my problems if I caught the virus. Hopefully, we will know more about whether this stuff works, and at what dose soon. This stuff is very cheap.
    The FDA has removed the emergency use authorization for chloroquine, because it just does not work. Or if it works the effects are minor and not worth the side effects. Though we now have strong evidence that remdesivir, and dexamethasone work to some extent. Hopefully, we will find more ways to save lives.

  5. Wow. This may not last, but did we just go through the shortest Bear Market in history? A 45% round-trip in the S&P 500 in under a quarter of a year?

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