Another Successful SpaceX Starlink Launch

There was another successful SpaceX Starlink launch. There are now 478 version 1.0 satellites and about 60 version 0.9 satellites.

420 satellites are needed for minor broadband coverage of Earth. 780 of the first ~1600 for moderate coverage.

There are STarlink launches scheduled for:

June 22
If there are two Starlink launches each of the remaining months, then at the end of September, 2020, the Starlink constellation would reach moderate coverage of the Earth.

It would be about mid-2021 when 1600 Starlinks would provide phase 1 service.

SOURCES- SpaceX, Wikipedia

13 thoughts on “Another Successful SpaceX Starlink Launch”

  1. Starlink is likely to be hived off and listed. SpaceX is likely to remain private – acting as starlink’s primary owner and spending its share of earnings on Mars settlement.

  2. I concur, in my comment I wanted to add that such a movement as a public IPO would only happen after Elon Musk gets his plans really going as he wants, and he no longer cares.

    That is, he accomplished this life long dream of having a flourishing space economy, with lots of daily launches and lots of people moving between the Earth, Moon and Mars.

    But as you say, Starlink may prove to be too valuable an asset to sell while he still lives, allowing him direct control over where to place remote versions of it without asking anyone for permission, beyond of any meddling authorities of course. Personally, I’d love to see Lunar, Martian and asteroid belt versions of Starlink and an IPO may put a halt to that!

  3. Be happy that the launches are routine, be hopeful that we still get headlines, but from Mars landings and Asteroid captures.

  4. I would guess no, or at least, not until the entire situation is so different from today that it can’t really be considered the same company.

    The problem isn’t money, it’s control. Once you’ve done an IPO, you’re now both beholden to the board and the shareholders, AND you have to lay out your financial info and future plans for the entire world to see. You cannot just decide to pour billions into colonizing another planet in something that will not pay off, in monetary terms, for decades if not centuries.
    If, as appears to be the case, this space colonization project is Musk’s life dream, then letting a bunch of pension funds, Chinese industrialists and saudi princes sit in judgement of his every move and veto anything that doesn’t seem commercially viable would be missing the entire point.

  5. Why should it make the general front pages, we’ve had over 60 years of orbital launches. SpaceX has had under 100 launches to date, Russia’s best year is more than their cumulative total. There are lots of special interest news sources for those with an interest in the field.

  6. $16 billion federal funding auction for rural broadband access.

    SpaceX will have to demonstrate Starlink internet’s low latency(100ms) within the next month to qualify for up to $16B in federal funding.

  7. They will do it, if ever, when the business model is well established and producing predictable revenue.

  8. Happy, the right feeling should be happiness.

    Progress and novelty must become the new normal, that’s a sign of humanity moving forward.

    Even if the price is the sense of wonder, which we should strive to maintain as a private, subjective outlook on things.

  9. They’re getting routine.

    Gotta admit, I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad about this becoming so routine that a successful SpaceX launch almost disappears from the news streams.

  10. I’m a hopeless romantic and assume everything will work out for this project. Gimmie some of that IPO of it goes public.

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