Clear Paths to $3 Trillion in Market Value for Apple, Amazon and Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft are both worth about $1.5 trillion. Amazon is worth $1.3 trillion. Google will also double in value before 2025.

Microsoft and Amazon are both rapidly growing their cloud computing businesses. Cloud Computing Market is projected to grow at around 18% per year from now to 2025. This will be more than double from now to 2025. Amazon, Microsoft and Google will continue to be the big winners in cloud computing.

Microsoft, Apple and Amazon each doubled their stock price in the last 2-2.5 years.

This will mean that the big american technology giants will each pass Saudi Aramco in market value.

Sources- Motley Fool, Google Finance
Written By Brian Wang,

3 thoughts on “Clear Paths to $3 Trillion in Market Value for Apple, Amazon and Microsoft”

  1. I know what you mean. Youtube has started placing ads in front of every video now. For now, you can slick skip past them, but maybe not in the future. If it starts becoming like commercial TV without even a fast forward, I’m going to drastically cut down on my Youtube viewing. I’m pretty sure the Youtube creators get little if any revenue from those ads too, with most going to Alphabet (Google). Meanwhile, we’re paying Google to censor Youtube content we really want to see, Facebook too.
    At least Apple isn’t in the censoring business. But when’s the last time they came out with a truly innovative product and not just the umteenth version of the iPhone?

  2. …The more they will try to grow in value the more they will try to squeeze it from us. More targeted ads more gluing us to their screens and personal data monetizing as their growth is not about extending their business model. Capitalism is working for now, but on the same time it is constantly ruining us, till a new business model is developed with new technology which has the potential to create more dependency be even more determinant to us….

  3. Amazon/Blue Origin can do Space Solar and take over energy market, particularly H. Big stuff!

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