Discovery of Dark Matter or Tritium Contamination

Xenon Experiments have detected a bunch of energy events in the 1-7 kilovolt data, which could be an indication of dark matter or contamination of their experiments.

There are three possibilities for the readings:
It could be axions which are particles that theoretically make up dark matter;
It could be neutrinos which are particles that carry no electric charge and zip through the cosmos;
or tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen that would indicate the experiment was contaminated.

One to two months of readings are needed when they restart the machine.

The XENONnT experiment uses a total of 8.3 tonnes of xenon to search for the ever elusive dark matter particles. In addition to the existing 3.3 tonnes of ultra-pure xenon from XENON1T, another 5 tonnes of xenon were purchased by the XENON collaboration.

SOURCES- Purdue University, Xenon Italy, Laura Baudis Twitter
Written By Brian Wang,