Discovery of Dark Matter or Tritium Contamination

Xenon Experiments have detected a bunch of energy events in the 1-7 kilovolt data, which could be an indication of dark matter or contamination of their experiments.

There are three possibilities for the readings:
It could be axions which are particles that theoretically make up dark matter;
It could be neutrinos which are particles that carry no electric charge and zip through the cosmos;
or tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen that would indicate the experiment was contaminated.

One to two months of readings are needed when they restart the machine.

The XENONnT experiment uses a total of 8.3 tonnes of xenon to search for the ever elusive dark matter particles. In addition to the existing 3.3 tonnes of ultra-pure xenon from XENON1T, another 5 tonnes of xenon were purchased by the XENON collaboration.

SOURCES- Purdue University, Xenon Italy, Laura Baudis Twitter
Written By Brian Wang,

4 thoughts on “Discovery of Dark Matter or Tritium Contamination”

  1. Having unproven alternatives doesn’t automatically disqualify the one hypothesis you personally don’t like.

  2. dark matter does not exist period, proof me wrong
    there are enough alternatives, i dont understand people hang so long to a broken idea.

  3. I think that they designed and built a very expensive and accurate tritium contamination detector.

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