Israel Upgrading Military Helicopters and Buying More F35s and F15s

Israel’s military will be buying about $6 billion of new military gear over the next six years (2021-2026). They will be updating the transport helicopters. The air force plans to purchase 18-20 transport helicopters at a cost between $1 billion and $1.5 billion and is trying to decide between two models. They could get the Sikorsky CH-53K, which has 2.5 times the capacity of the current helicopter.

If there is enough budget, they will get a new squadron of F-35 Stealth (Adir) bombers and another squadron of F-15s.

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  2. Isn’t funny how I take your own words, juxtapose the subject, and suddenly you claim it’s whining, yet your initial comment was just a ‘little complaint.’

  3. Trump is a dumb ass. Thanks for the update Luca. What would we do without your sterling analysis? Do you think that the Chinese and Russians will just give them planes or will they have to pay for it out of the funds they receive for selling oil … oh, wait.

  4. Wow. A little complaint abut seeing the greatest democracy on Earth stuff all the time elicited such an angry response. Another devastating victory for Israel advocacy I guess.

  5. Omg! Who cares? I’m tired of constantly hearing the politicized whines about the only Middle Eastern democracy.

  6. Israel is already upgrading the F-35 to answer for its shortfalls, as it happened before with the F-15 and the F-16 many of these changes will find their way to the standard subsequent versions of the F-35.

    “Israel is also developing two different sets of external fuel tanks to extend the F-35’s range. The first will be non-stealthy 425-gallon underwing tanks developed by a subsidiary of Elbit—these could be dropped when approaching enemy airspace (the pylons holding the drop tanks would reportedly detach as well so as not to compromise stealth), or used for missions in which stealth isn’t necessary. Further down the line, IAI wants to co-develop with Lockheed bolt-on conformal fuel tanks which “hug” the F-35 airframe so as not to compromise stealth and aerodynamics.”

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