Late in 2020 or in 2021 Apple and Microsoft Should Pass Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is currently the most valuable company in the world. They have a stock price of 32.9 riyal. The value of the Riyal is pegged to the US dollar at 0.27 dollars to one Riyal. Saudi Aramco is worth $1.78 trillion.

Apple is currently at $1.59 trillion
Microsoft is $1.53 trillion
Amazon is at $1.38 trillion
Google is just shy of $1 trillion

A 10% upwards move in one year is easy for giant technology companies. They have annual growth of about 15-30%.

The entire US oil and gas industry is worth about $1 trillion. In 2019, the US oil and gas industry averaged around $1.6 trillion in combined market value.

SOURCES- Barrons, Google Finance
Written By Brian Wang,