Missed Aubrey on Rogan During the Pandemic

I missed Aubrey de Grey talking to Joe Rogan in February. I was traveling and missed this.

Aubrey has promoted that the accumulation of seven types of damage of living are the cause of aging. If we fix the damage of aging extremely well damage then like repairing a car we can massively extend lifespan.

As usual many interesting insights. In the 30-40 minute part of the interview, Aubrey points out the downside of herd mentality for researchers. If many researchers compete in certain fashionable and high profile fields, then they minimize their contribution. They beat some others by days or weeks, instead of making a breakthrough that would otherwise not occur for decades.

This explains some of the importance of Elon Musk. The breakthroughs in space or electric cars might not have happened for many decades without Elon creating SpaceX or Tesla.

Around the 50 minute mark, Aubrey answers the question about how we can fix the environment and increase the carrying capacity of the earth.

Global aquaculture increased 527% from 1990-2018. We eat more farmed fish than wild fish.

We will still only get older one year at a time. Impossible to have 200-year-old people before 2100. Impossible to have 300-year-old people before 2200.

At about one hour, Aubrey talks his expectation within 3-5 years there will be a rapid shift in public expectation in longevity. The lab and clinical research will get to the point that experts will be willing to say radical longevity is achievable. Major media will then trumpet it. The public will then change their beliefs.

Aubrey and Joe think education and curiosity can replace work in society. There are infinite interesting things to learn and experience and explore.

I think goes back to the question of why do scientists hop into a hot research field to be one of five thousand people doing the same thing? It is for competition and recognition. People are still playing chess even when computers are better at chess.

Timestamps for the Video

1:01 Latest discoveries about aging
1:45 What causes aging: Everything breaks down eventually
3:00 Young bodies self-repair better than older (40 years+)
4:14 Aubrey’s lucky because he naturally ages less
5:10 Aubrey’s drinking and pot preferences
8:15 Drinking advice
8:45 He enjoys Punting (rowing boats with a stick)
9:45 His daily routine
10:22 How do we reverse aging
13:00 His damage-repair approach to anti-aging
14:57 Current clinical trials for Parkinsons and toxic senescent cells
16:40 Stem cells for natural aging and body decline vs for injuries
17:40 Stem Cells for Parkinsons
22:28 Parkinsons research still needs 17 years; better funding will make it go faster
26:58 People who are pro-aging
27:21 Aging is a medical problem, not a disease
29:39 Stem cells and Other therapy approaches
32:35 History of why he does this – because nobody else was doing it
41:40 Pro-agers; hypnotist story
46:30 What about overpopulation if nobody ages? Technology will solve
49:47 Fixing the ocean’s issues
52:55 Lab-grown fish and meat
53:52 No countries except Nigeria have high fertility rates
55:12 What to expect in the future when people start living longer
1:11:26 Anti-aging will go mainstream in 3-5 years
1:12:30 Statins (solutions for heart risks)
1:13:47 CRISPR (gene editing)
1:18:32 Medical tourism
1:23:00 Anti-aging therapies have a cancer risk
1:24:30 fasting benefits
1:25:50 Drugs that trick the body into thinking it’s fasting
1:26:50 fasting helps short-lived species more than humans
1:28:46 Centegenerian have one thing in common – lack of stress
1:31:00 Excersize
1:32:00 Wish he could do more advocacy
1:32:30 Joe invites him to use a sensory depravation tank
1:33:18 What needs to be done in the next 17 years?
1:34:40 People who ask him how long he wants to live
1:36:18 Technology avances are exciting, yay
1:38:22 AI fears