Nikola and Hydrogen Vehicles vs Tesla and Electric Vehicles

There is a company called Nikola which claims they will sell semi-trucks using hydrogen.

Amazingly, with virtually no revenue and no vehicles made, Nikola is worth over $22 billion.

They say they will lease the vehicles and get hydrogen for $2 per kilogram.
Most have the lowest cost of hydrogen at about $2.5-4.5 per kilogram. Bloomberg NEF forecasts that $2 per kilogram hydrogen is possible in 2030.
Even if they hit all of their goals, they will still be more expensive to drive and own than a diesel truck and will be more expensive than a Tesla Semi.
75-85% of the cost of hydrogen is for the electricity to produce it. Cheap hydrogen means availability of abundant cheap electricity tied to solar and wind. Solar and wind would power electrolyzers.

Youtuber Chicken Genius Singapore explains Nikola and hydrogen versus electric clearly.

It will cost $114 to fuel a Nikola semi truck vs $20 to charge a Tesla Semi if they both can access 2 cent per kwh electricity.
The 7 year lease cost for 700K miles for nikola will be $660K.
This will be about double the cost of ownership of a Tesla Semi at $387K.

Nikola is forecasting zero revenue for 2020 and its first $1 billion year in 2023. Nikola will bill build and have its Arizona assembly plant fully operational in 2028.

Tesla is making over $20B every year in car revenue from delivered cars and is growing at over 50% every year an its auto margin is over 25%. The auto margin is up from 15% two years ago.

SOURCES- Chicken Genius Singapore, Sean Mitchell, Bloomberg, Detroit News
Written By Brian Wang