SpaceX Should Go Commercial With Starlink in September

The eleventh launch of Starlink is scheduled for early July. Gwynn Shotwell says that after 12-14 launches, SpaceX will begin selling commercial service.

This means that SpaceX should be going commercial with Starlink service in September of this year.

SpaceX called the last launch (June 13) SL-9.
SpaceX has scheduled SL-10 on June 23.
SL-11 mission is scheduled for July.

The twelfth mission is not scheduled yet. There are several other customer missions. The SL-12 or SL-13 mission will likely be what is needed to complete a system for commercial activation. They will likely need to sort out some beta testing before they go with the commercialization activities.

SOURCES- Gwynn Shotwell, Warren Redlich Youtube
Written By Brian Wang,