SpaceX Starship Will Have Hundreds of Improvements Over 50+ Prototypes

Elon Musk says SpaceX has to improve 1000% to 10000% over Falcon 9 to get to what Starship needs to be.

$10 million is the cost of the Falcon 9 upper stage.
Using helium and jet fuel makes Falcon 9 more expensive.
Recovering the Falcon 9 booster and recovering the fairings also adds costs.
It costs $2 million to refurbish the Falcon 9 booster.

The Methane uses more oxygen. Methane is cheaper than RP1. 3.5 times the Methane is the Oxygen. RP1 uses 2.5 times fuel with the oxygen.
Oxygen is super cheap.

Gwynn Shotwell thinks SpaceX has learned from Crew Dragon. SpaceX should be able to fly humans on Starship within 3 years instead of the six years for crew dragon.

SOURCES- Elon Musk, Gwynn Shotwell, Warren Redlich Youtube
Written By Brian Wang,