SpaceX Will Use Its Own Steel Alloy in 6 Months and Will Build Spaceports Over the Coming Years

SpaceX has a fleet of three prototype Starships (SN5, SN6, and SN7). The SN5 and SN6 bodies are fully stacked. The SN7 has survived a 7.6 bar pressure test.

Elon indicates that the 304L steel alloy performs better than the 301 steel. A failure of the 304L led a lead instead of burst.
In 6 months, SpaceX will start using their internally developed new 30X steel alloy.

SpaceX will build Superheavy-class spaceports around the Earth, moon and Mars over the coming years.

SOURCES – SpacexCentric, Spacex, Elon Musk, Boca Chica Gal, Marcus House
Written by Brian Wang,