Tesla’s in Process to Make $1.1 billion 4-5 Million Square Foot Tesla Terafactory

The Travis County Commissioners Court is meeting June 23 agenda about deliberations to decide if they would provide Tesla with an economic development performance agreement for a new 5 million square foot factory.

Tesla is seeking incentives for the construction of a 4 million- to 5 million-square-foot manufacturing facility on the 2,100-acre Austin Green site straddling the State Highway 130 toll road. Tesla is seeking up to $68 million in property tax abatement from the Texas school district.

Tesla plans to create 5,000 jobs at the plant with an average salary of $47,147 a year.

If approved, Tesla said it will begin construction in the third quarter of 2020.

SOURCES- Biz Journals
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

9 thoughts on “Tesla’s in Process to Make $1.1 billion 4-5 Million Square Foot Tesla Terafactory”

  1. For your rabid hatred of China, you are not far wrong. China is biggest robot and automation designer and innovation nation. There are many lights off factories in China because of full automation. The incarceration rate of China is about six to seven times lesser than the US or Russia. Of course, it’s much lower in India, where criminals are hardly convicted because a lot of them are politicians or associates. There’re no justice for the poor and/or women, that’s why it is the infamous rape nation.

  2. I think I agree. But what exactly is rising consumer demographics?
    Aren’t 100% of people already consumers?

  3. I’ll bet Tesla is holding out for Texas to roll back the Dealership restrictions on its sales in Texas. they are a powerful lobby but I suspect they are the canary in the coal mine of rising consumer demographics. strong arming your business model rarely lasts long in a competitive marketplace

  4. I know it’s ridiculous the Musk hate. Unlike many corporations, Tesla is a USA jobs creator, the Tesla cars driven in the USA are built in it. Yes he has foreign assembly plants Tesla is establishing, but that is due to tariffs, he doesn’t control that if he want’s to make his company global. Can’t sell it at a 50% mark up, no one would buy.

  5. I’ve worked with TC, until recently.
    The problem with hwy 130 is, like many roads in that area, is a toll road. As you mentioned. The rest are being converted into tolls [183 and 290].
    East side isn’t, from my views, an industrial wasteland. There’s a few tech companies, a landfill and a lot of empty space. Of course, that is east Austin. The proposal that I saw put it east of Georgetown. Which I suppose may make more sense.

    Del Valle is building very quickly, as well. Lots of houses being put up.

    I am so glad I got out of ATX though. Esp since they recently voted to defund the PD by 25%, which at the least, lays of 100 cops and delays cadets from graduating. This in the midst of in increase in crime on all categories.

  6. I’ve been inside an empty million square foot single story warehouse style building before and it was very cool. 4 million would be nuts. You pretty much have to drive around.

  7. First, the site is on Harold Green Rd. There’s no such thing as Austin Green. Second, there’s no such thing as the Texas School District. The site is in the Del Valle school district, and the tax collecting authority is Travis County.

    I’m a bit surprised that they’re going with Travis County. It’s a lot more persnickety about a wide range of issues than most of the other counties surrounding Austin, but it is a nice site from a logistical standpoint. Highway 130, which was built to offload truck traffic from I-35, has had only limited success in doing so (it’s a toll road), so it’s not very congested. And Highway 71, just to the south, gives easy access to Houston.

    You often fly right over that area if you’re going east, and it is truly an industrial wasteland. I have to say that it would be nice to see a nice shiny terafactory there instead.

  8. For the deprived robotic Chinese mind the only form of progress is miles on miles of prison factories crowded by obedient and productive workers….

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