Apple, Amazon and Microsoft Close to Passing Aramco for Most Valuable and Bezos Nearing $200 Billion

Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are close to passing Saudi Aramco for the most valuable company in the world.

Aramco is valued at $1.72 trillion
Apple is valued at $1.66 trillion
Microsoft is at $1.62 trillion
Amazon is at $1.60 trillion

The future is technology and technology is winning over old industries.

Jeff Bezos is nearing $200 billion in net worth. This does not include over $63 billion in net worth for his ex-wife.

Elon Musk is worth over $70 billion and is now the seventh richest in the world.

Less than one month ago, Nextbigfuture discussed the clear path to $3 trillion valuations for the big tech companies.

Apple and Microsoft were worth about $1.5 trillion less than 3 weeks ago. Amazon was worth $1.3 trillion. Google will also double in value before 2025.

Microsoft and Amazon are both rapidly growing their cloud computing businesses. Cloud Computing Market is projected to grow at around 18% per year from now to 2025. This will be more than double from now to 2025. Amazon, Microsoft and Google will continue to be the big winners in cloud computing.

Microsoft, Apple and Amazon each doubled their stock price in the last 2-2.5 years.

Brian Wang owns shares of Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX, Alibaba and Netflix and owns technology index funds that cover all of the other major technology companies.

SOURCES- Google Finance
Written By Brian Wang,