Apple at $1.84 Trillion is the Most Valuable Public Company in the World

Apple is trading at a market valuation of $1.78 1.84 trillion. Saudi Aramco has been the most valuable public company since their IPO. They are valued at $1.77 trillion.

Apple is now $70 billion more valuable than Saudi Aramco. This is more than adding the value of Phillips 66 ($27 billion) and Valero ($22 billion) to the value of Saudi Aramco. Phillips and Valero are top 6 US oil and gas companies. Chevron is worth $155 billion. Exxon Mobil is worth $177 billion.

Apple reported its strongest quarter. They had $59.7 billion in quarterly revenue and double-digit (11%) growth in its products and services segments. Apple announced it plans to give investors three additional shares of Apple per share already owned at the end of August as part of a 4-1 stock split.

Revenue was up nearly 11% year over year, and every major product line saw year-over-year growth. Services were up 14.85% from the year prior.

The price of Aramco shares are 33.3 riyals. At 33.3 riyals it is $1.77 trillion.

Amazon is at $1.59 trillion. Microsoft is at $1.53 trillion.

Apple was 3% lower just two weeks ago.

Apple and the other big technology companies were 20% lower in February, 2020. Apple was at $1.42 trillion in market value and Microsoft was at $1.4 trillion.

Sources: Google Finance, CNBC
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian has index funds and tech shares and some apple shares)

6 thoughts on “Apple at $1.84 Trillion is the Most Valuable Public Company in the World”

  1. You should really get $50000 and make your Facebook killer app. It sounds super easy to make a $700+ billion company

  2. I am trying to let you know what is winning. Big Tech is the present and future. If you listened to traditional financial advice, then you would buy the index funds. Buy the SP500 index was the advice for the last 30+ years. Walmart (aka big retail) came along and killed oil retail (Sears) and the mom and pop stores. SP500 has real estate funds that own dead malls. SP500 have zombie companies like Ford and GM. Walking dead. Now Amazon is throttling Walmart. It just takes a long time to do it and completing the destruction of other retail and taking over logistics. Apple is taking the money from entertainment and communication. Big tech is now 25% of all US stock market value. The Anti-trust hearings show that neither republicans or democrats will stand up to big tech. My technology future info is telling you how to be rich or at least trying to help you avoid getting wiped out. Socialists are people who say, I want to able to make choices so bad that not only will I be poor but everyone else has to also be poor. We can all eat zoo animals together. The old capitalist rules were. No one can pick winners all the time so buy the market. No we know who the winners are.

  3. Apple has the bulk of its manufacturing in China. The supply chain is shutting down quick. Apple is due for a major correction.

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  5. Why do we keep seeing this sort of thing in the feed? Is it click bait for Apple cultists?

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