Bezos Worth $196 Billion and Elon is Fifth at $77 Billion

Jeff Bezos has gotten about $7 billion richer so far today as Amazon is trading up 3.5% and Elon is up 13-14% in his Tesla holdings.

UPDATE- Tesla stock ended up down for the day. So Elon is back to about 7th or 8th with about $68 billion.

Bill Gates is second richest at $111.8 billion.
Bernard Arnault (LV luxury products) is third at $111.6 billion
Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook) is fourth-richest at $91.7 billion
Elon is fifth or sixth with $77 billion.
Steve Ballmer (x-microsoft CEO) is also at $77 billion.
The two Google co-founders are next.
Mukesh Ambani is next (Chairman of Reliance Industries, Indian based multinational conglomerate company)
Warren Buffet is tenth.

Jeff Bezos could now be the fifth richest in all of history. Bezos is passing Henry Ford at his peak and trails Rockerfeller, Carnegie and someone who had a monopoly in copper in Europe in the 1500s and another who almost had a monopoly on the world’s diamonds from 1911-1940.

SOURCES- Forbes, Bloomberg, Wikipedia
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian own technology and other stocks. Tesla, Amazon etc…)

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  1. Bezos isnt into interplanetary travel, unlike Elon. I think the biggest problem with those tax evaders is that the huge pile of money isnt actively contributing to the economy. They found loop holes in the system to get rich quickly while the rest of the world has no progress in wealth.
    Rather the oposite Ebay has destroyed lots of real shops, created supremacy for chinese industries. I think Elon well as an engineer he brings progress in an industry that was government based only so at least he does do something better. I think Elon is more a visionary trying to push electric cars into the world (although i have doubts its realy that good, lots of electric losses in the grid, expensive batteries, …. but well its an industry that wil be OK over 25 years i guess.

  2. Shareholders are owners of a corporation, and normally have a say in who the executive officers are. Doesn’t matter what non-shareholders think.

  3. How about the commercial turbofan engine development race between Rolls-Royce and GE in the 1970s? Rolls-Royce chose a faster and riskier technology development course, while GE chose a slower and less risky one. Rolls-Royce had problems getting their technology ready for production and went bankrupt as a result. GE’s more conservative approach resulted in a very successful and profitable product.

  4. There’s at least a couple of people who go through and downvote even the most innocuous comment.
    Possibly based on other comments you’ve made in the past? I don’t know.

  5. Bezos should take, oh $20B or so and pour it into Blue Origin, and give it a new motto: citius ad astra

  6. I trust Musk more than the public. Starship wouldn’t even be developed and SpaceX would just be a satellite launcher with no ambitions to go to other planets if it went public.

  7. I am not questioning Musk’s rockets, nor his contribution. He is not racing to Space, however, rather to Mars. That is the problem!

  8. If they want more money, earn skills that pay more. In economic terms, a dollar is a measure of a unit of work. If they are low skilled labor then no, they do not “deserve” more than the value of their labor. If their labor changes from low skill, then it is worth more.
    It is not difficult to get an education in this country for those who are willing to work for it.

  9. It is curious that this line of comments, and the others on this post, at least at this time, completely miss Bezos’ plans, which are certainly NOT planetary, let alone multiplanetary, at all! Yet Musk is the one who just has the correct plan, no question. Azimov called it planetary chauvinism, but that has lost the context of male chauvinist pig, from the same time. So I call it planetarianism. Galileo showed us the place of Earth in Space, O’Neill completes the story, showing the place of humans in Space.

  10. Can we really argue that even Bezos is richer than say… Louis XIV or Kublai Khan. People who were the absolute rulers of vast empires, and whose degree of “ownership” and power was considerably greater than any modern businessman.

  11. Also, when looking at downsides and upsides, what matters is the downsides and upsides to the consultants, rather than the shareholders.
    Make a non-obvious call, that still matches what all your fellow consultants think, and it works out correct: you remain a high paid consultant with improved reputation.
    Make a non-obvious call, that still matches what all your fellow consultants think, and it works out incorrect: you remain a high paid consultant with slightly lowered reputation. You can point to reduced risk with your advice, even if it didn’t work out this time.
    Make an obvious-to-the-public call, that disagrees with what all your fellow consultants think, and it works out correct: you become regarded as a fly-by-night guy who just follows headlines and got lucky once. You may not get good jobs in the future.
    Make an obvious-to-the-public call, that disagrees with what all your fellow consultants think, and it works out badly: you become regarded as a fly-by-night guy who just follows headlines and deservedly failed. You will not get good jobs in the future.

  12. In space, Jeff Bezos doesn’t compare with Elon. Apart from one fairy tale story, have you ever witnessed a race where the slower contestant wins the race? Slow progress is a bug not a feature — obviously.

  13. It couldn’t happen to a better person. I would love to see a graph of his wealth compared to others over time. I think that the income potential is huge for self-driving trucks ($660 B/yr business) and cities around the world anxious to have the Boring Company solve their traffic problems (once demonstrated once).

  14. Well, you know why Elon is hanging out with that crazy looking girlfriend don’t you? She is a geni. That is why he is so rich and millions of people admire him. One might even deduce what his wishes were: #1.To gradually accumulate $5 trillion over his lifetime. He probably thought “gradual accumulation” was a slick plan, because it would not raise any red flags…and he would not likely run out of money like so many lottery winners.  #2.To be admired by millions, thought to be a genius, with them hanging on his every word, even though he can’t put a coherent sentence together.
    #3. To gradually gain control over the entire World. Unfortunately, he did not consider that there is more than one “World” out there, so she is giving him Mars rather than the Earth.

  15. I never said I was against pay rises, those are your words. I’m in favor of employees having the freedom to work for whomever they like, for whatever amount suits them, high or low. As long as we have a competitive market and clear rules of commercial exchange, employees will tend to earn more by freely following their own interest.

    What I’m against is coercion in commercial exchanges. Forcing anyone to hire or fire someone for any reason or even force them to pay something that is more ‘fair’. Fairness is a perception of both parties involved, and therefore subjective.

  16. Wow, just wow, the propaganda from the billionaires is so effective that you think it’s ok for them to have as many billions as they want, but not ok for a worker to get more than the exact contract specifies. I have seen this thinking in action, by the way, and it’s more harmful than you think. I’ve personally lost at least 1,000 dollars this way, while the owners of that company made 10,000 a week. But I can’t change what others think. Yes, by the way, it’s not wrong for a worker to want more in order to pay bills, but for some reason, you think it is.

  17. They are scared of anything too flashy or too fast-moving, and despite the results that Elon has provided they are afraid that the downside risk is greater than the profits, despite what his track record says.

  18. What do you make of Pensions & Investment Research Consultants advising shareholders to remove Musk from the company’s board, due to his erratic behavior and the potential exposure to lawsuits?

  19. None taken. The possibility that interplanetary travel and settlement will take a long while to happen instead of happening soon is a valid, defensible point until we have counter-examples of it.

    But in my view, nobody is entitled to say what others do with their money nor how much they should have. As long as they are respectful of the law (in particular antitrust ones) and pay their employees market-competitive salaries, and said employees accept to work willingly and without coercion, there is no harm coming from any legitimate profit resulting from such exchange, neither from its accumulation.

    The mere existence of an individual’s fortune is not unethical nor unlawful, except of course, if we look at them with covetous eyes.

    All the talks about ‘they shouldn’t have that much money’ always reduce to ‘take more money from them”, or simply put, “give some of that to me!”.

  20. No offense, but inter-planetary travel and colonization remains a very distant prospect, no matter how you slice it. In the meantime, we should be worrying more about environmental concerns and the like. And the from their own pockets part? Maybe they shouldn’t have that much money to begin with. Maybe they should pay their employees more.

  21. If they pay their space plans from their pocket or they make rockets and spaceships for sale in the open, I don’t see the ‘distraction’ part.

  22. As much as I have come to realize that the stats behind inequality are pretty misleading, the optics don’t look good. However, if it weren’t for automation and companies like Amazon, we’d be in even worse shape than we already are in. I have a kneejerk reaction to inequality, but I have other concerns that are higher on my list.

  23. Yes and no. I’m all for planetary travel in the long term. in the short term, it’s nothing but a supreme distraction, no offense to the peeps here. However, I’m very interested in the prospects for asteroid mining.

  24. The all time comparisons are pretty meaningless as is the possibility that people like Putin are richer. Bezos is unambiguously the richest person in the world.

  25. Good. As long as they get us out of this planet and turn us into a multiplanetary species to never become single planetary again, I’m OK if they get even more insanely rich in the process. They are just human and even the greatest of riches won’t another minute buy, as the song goes. But their riches can change life for everyone else.

    We have enough conventional billionaires amassing immense fortunes but not doing any substantive civilization changes with them. Just sitting in a big pile of money, yatches, airplanes and properties.

    These guys aren’t in that category. Their changes will be long lasting and will survive them. And personally, I’m quite happy there is people like them having the chance to turn their capital into detonators of change.

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