Bezos Worth $196 Billion and Elon is Fifth at $77 Billion

Jeff Bezos has gotten about $7 billion richer so far today as Amazon is trading up 3.5% and Elon is up 13-14% in his Tesla holdings.

UPDATE- Tesla stock ended up down for the day. So Elon is back to about 7th or 8th with about $68 billion.

Bill Gates is second richest at $111.8 billion.
Bernard Arnault (LV luxury products) is third at $111.6 billion
Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook) is fourth-richest at $91.7 billion
Elon is fifth or sixth with $77 billion.
Steve Ballmer (x-microsoft CEO) is also at $77 billion.
The two Google co-founders are next.
Mukesh Ambani is next (Chairman of Reliance Industries, Indian based multinational conglomerate company)
Warren Buffet is tenth.

Jeff Bezos could now be the fifth richest in all of history. Bezos is passing Henry Ford at his peak and trails Rockerfeller, Carnegie and someone who had a monopoly in copper in Europe in the 1500s and another who almost had a monopoly on the world’s diamonds from 1911-1940.

SOURCES- Forbes, Bloomberg, Wikipedia
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian own technology and other stocks. Tesla, Amazon etc…)

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