Hygienic and PPE Products Relevant Now and the Future (Such as Wryst)

Apart from co-founding Wryst, Brian is the creator of the science blog Nextbigfuture with 4 million readers per year. In this post, it’s all about the relevance of hygiene solutions by answering the question: which PPE and hygienic products are in use and will be relevant in the future?

Mask wearing countries had over six times less weekly growth in deaths from COVID versus non-mask wearing counties.

Hand cleaning either with soap and water or with hand sanitizer has increased. Studies by MIT and at the University of Arizona have found that spread of infection can be greatly reduced (up to 90%) with hourly hand cleaning versus the once every five hour or less level. Wryst is hand sanitizer dispenser that is worn on the palm side of your wrist.

Clean your hands before and after touching masks for N95 respirators.

The hygiene and PPE products that you can use are

face masks, N95 respirators and face shields.
hand sanitizer, Wryst sanitizer dispenser for greater ease of use, gloves

The key procedures to follow are:

social distancing. Keeping 6 feet away from other whenever possible.
frequent – ideally hourly hand cleaning
cleaning frequently touched surfaces – door knobs, fawcetts, lights, hand rails
wear masks and face shields
Gathering outdoors is safer than indoor gatherings.

Following the rules and using simple equipment can make you and everyone else up to ten times or one hundred times safer.

SOURCES- NY Post, Association of country-wide coronavirus mortality with demographics, testing, lockdowns, and public wearing of masks (Update June 15, 2020).
Written By Brian Wang, co-founder Wryst

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  1. If you live in a place where they have community transmission of Covid, wearing a mask is a sensible and cheap option. When we still had community transmission here, I would wear a mask indoors, e.g. shops. Whats the big deal? Even if it doesn’t protect you, it is reasonable to expect that it will slow the spread, I have that much community spirit. And hand washing – sanitising is sensible and cheap and stops other bugs as well. Unfortunately in many places the bug has been politicized, but it doesn’t care much what particular faith we associate with.

  2. Agreed. We all mobilized and changed our entire lives around because the virus was an unknown with the potential to be a cross between the 1918 Influenza and the Bubonic Plague. They terrified us with the image of bodies stacked up like cordwood on the side of the streets. This never happened.

    Now since they have no death statistics to terrify us with, they go on and on about cases. But mortality rates are determined by dividing the deaths by the number of cases. If there are a billion more “cases” that means the mortality rate is dropping to near nothing.

    The whole idea of “flattening the curve” was based on not overwhelming our healthcare capacity.

    We accomplished this. The curve has been flattened. The riots have been going on longer than the incubation period (since late May). That’s nearly 2 months. These are often people in depressed areas, and probably on the low end of the health care coverage. We don’t see them dying.

    If we do hear about deaths (in America) they try to scare us by saying there are over 100,000. But we hit that number back in April. We should be up around a million by now and we’re not.

  3. At first, it was about not overwhelming hospitals. Now it seems it’s about nobody getting Covid. My state has 4x cases vs 1 month ago. Hospitalizations have fallen, not gone up. Deaths have increased a little, but not much. There seems to be a correlation between 500 deaths/1M population and new cases falling off rapidly. Nobody wants to die from anything, and Wuhan flu is just one more thing, but we need to get a grip. I’ve said all along this will be something akin to a very bad flu season, and it has been. WHO recommends 3 feet of social distancing, Europe 4.5 feet, U.S. 6 feet. Of course, these different distances are all scientifically derived, right? It’s doing something so we can say we did something. This years major flu strain is the 1918 Spanish Flu strain. It is killing a lot of people, damaging lungs, and killing more children than Wuhan Flu, but you don’t hear boo about it. No masks, no distancing etc. Why? Many of the flu deaths are being listed as Covid-19 deaths. I don’t know how overstated the Covid deaths are, but they are overstated. The “authorities” shot themselves in the foot when they criticized those who protested shut-downs, but backed rioters and “peaceful protesters”. Nobody got killed nor damaged property from the shut-down protests, and they were bad people for doing it. BLM kills cops, attacks counter-protesters and cops, destroys property, but they are somehow angels of constitutional rights.

  4. Where I live you get one warning for not wearing a useless mask to stop the coronahoax and the local police refuse to be involved, saying all Karens need to make reports to the health department instead. Given that, I’ve proudly made it this far without wearing a mask once in public.

  5. Since Brian for some reason doesn’t link to his startup Wryst directly…


    Is this supposed by like Rogain, where they can’t tell you what it is so you have to ask your doctor? Or is this some sort of wrist mounted disinfectant dispenser, sorta like spiderman web shooters?

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