Mythbuster Grant Imahara Has Died of a Brain Aneurysm

Grant Imahara has tragically passed away. He was famous for working on Mythbusters. He was 49.

He recently made an animitronic baby Yoda to entertain sick kids at hospitals.

He made robots for Star Wars and Terminator movies.

He was in 11 episodes of the web fan series Star Trek Continues. He played Sulu.

He has been engaged since 2016 to Jennifer Newman.

SOURCES – Twitter, Wikipedia
Written by Brian Wang,

6 thoughts on “Mythbuster Grant Imahara Has Died of a Brain Aneurysm”

  1. Mine was about 5 years ago, out of the blue, no warning. No underlying health issues, healthy, fitish and low body weight all of my life. Sometimes the dice roll the wrong way. I hope his family
    can reflect on a life well lived and heal as soon as possible. Now stop reading this and go give
    someone you love a hug.

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