Scientists and Others Are Using DIY COVID-19 Vaccine

George Church (biotech genius with over two dozen companies several with multi-billion valuation) says he has not stepped outside of his house in five months. He believes the vaccine designed by Estep, his former graduate student at Harvard and one of his protégés, is extremely safe. “I think we are at much bigger risk from covid considering how many ways you can get it, and how highly variable the consequences are,” he says.

The US Centers for Disease Control recently reported that as many as one-third of patients who test positive for covid-19 but are never hospitalized battle symptoms for weeks or even months after contracting the virus. “I think that people are highly underestimating this disease,” Church says.

There is a white paper that people can choose to follow to mix their own DIY Vaccine.

SOURCES – Radvac Rapid Deployment Vaccine Collaborative, Technology Review
Written By Brian Wang,