Sila Nanotechnologies Biggest Battery Breakthrough in Last Ten Years

Hyperchange has a conversation with Sean Mehta, a battery scientist at Sila Nanotechnologies, about the potential of transition metal-free Cathodes. This has the potential to disrupt the battery materials supply chain.

Batteries are being developed that have high energy densities and cheaper materials.

Nature – Aqueous Li-ion battery enabled by halogen conversion–intercalation chemistry in graphite

In 2019, they created a 4-volt-class aqueous Li-ion full cell with an energy density of 460 watt-hours per kilogram of total composite electrode and about 100 percent Coulombic efficiency. The anion conversion–intercalation mechanism combines the high energy densities of the conversion reactions, the excellent reversibility of the intercalation mechanism and the improved safety of aqueous batteries.

SOURCES- Nature, Hyperchange
Written By Brian Wang, – Brian owns shares of Tesla