Tesla Will Make an Austin Texas Gigafactory for Cybertrucks and Tesla Semi

On the Tesla earnings calls, Elon Musk announced they will make a Texas Gigafactory. They have started construction this past weekend.

It will be built on a 2000 acre property on the Colorado river and five minutes from the Austin Airport. The property is the largest property owned by Tesla.

Tesla will still consider Tulsa Oklahoma for any future expansion.

Elon in the earnings call mentioned that within 12-18 months, Tesla will have 3 new factories in operation. This would be GigaBerlin, Texas and some other factory. It is unclear what the third factory is.

The chart below describes the planned three factories. GigaBerlin and two US factories. One factory for model Y and Cybertruck and another for SEMI and roadster.

Elon believes that Full Self-driving will be worth $100,000 per car. It will be a huge historic increase in asset value.

Model Y’s wiring is optimized for automated production lines. Elon Musk envisions Tesla factories will eventually run with mainly robots on the manufacturing line. Tesla’s internal name for the nearly fully automated factory is the “Alien Dreadnought”. Elon says they are version 0.5 of the alien dreadnought factory.

Local sourcing of parts in China is increasing from 40% to 80% be the end of the year. This reduces the costs and increases the margin in Shanghai.

SOURCES – Tesla Q2 Earnings Call
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)