Worldometers Estimates We Are 17 Days from 7.8 Billion People

Worldometers estimates the world population is 7.796 billion. This is increasing by 224,400 people every day. This means we are about 900 days from 8 billion people.

Worldometers is leveraging UN population estimates. The UN leverages the population counts of countries.

In Nigeria, censuses are controversial: The country has even gone as far as annulling two of them (1973 and 1991). From the 1953 census done by the British to the 2006 census done by Nigerians, all censuses have ended in controversy.

Each Nigerian state managed to maintain its exact share of the population across two censuses, 15 years apart.

In 1991, Nigeria might have had about 89 million people. In 2006, Nigeria might have had 140 million people.

Population is mainly growing in Africa. South Asia population growth is slowing. The political problems for counting people in Africa make it difficult to get good estimates of how many people are in Africa. This will make it hard to get good estimates of how many people are in the world. Right now it is believed that are there are 1.35 billion people in Africa.

The population of Africa may reach 2.5 billion by 2050.

SOURCES – Worldometers
Written By Brian Wang,